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Joining MPRI (First year)

The research master affiliated with the Computer Science Department of ENS Paris-Saclay is the Parisian Master of Research in Computer Science (MPRI), open to French or international students, with courses given in English and French.

The programme consists of two years (M1 and M2). Candidates may apply for both years or for only one year. This page describes the procedure for joining the first year, which is also known as M1 Jacques Herbrand at ENS Paris-Saclay. For entering in the second year, see here.

The purpose of the MPRI programme is to train future research scientists through intensive exposure to contemporary research in computer science. For full details about the programme, see the MPRI web site. For guidance regarding your move and stay at ENS Paris-Saclay, see the graduate studies information.


To enter the master programme, you must have obtained a French Licence or equivalent Bachelor's degree at a French or foreign college or university. Detailed entrance requirements are given on the MPRI website.

The first year consists of two semesters. The first semester consists of at least 30 ECTS credits' worth of coursework. The second semester is a 4 and a half months research internship worth 30 ECTS credits. Students who possess part, but not all of the required background can take the option of a short research internship (2 and a half months, 15 credits), with additional coursework amounting to a total of 45 credits. Here is a detailed description of the curriculum.


Applications must be filed via the Université Paris-Saclay application website. Be sure to select M1 Jacques Herbrand at ENS Paris-Saclay as (one of) your selected applications.

The following elements of your application are very important:

  • A cover letter (pdf) explaining your motivation to join the programme. You should describe your scientific project and explain why you think the MPRI / M1 Jacques Herbrand is appropriate for this project and that you have a suitable background for it.

    You should also describe a plan of studies including courses you wish to follow and topics and research teams you envision for your research internship (which takes place in the second semester of each year).

    Note that this plan of studies is not binding and it may evolve in agreement with the computer science department of ENS Paris-Saclay. Questions regarding the plan of studies in the M1 Jacques Herbrand should be sent by e-mail to scholarship [at] dptinfo.ens-cachan.fr.

  • At least one letter of recommendation from a teacher willing to attest that you possess the abilities and skills necessary to take the M1 Jacques Herbrand programme and in which said teacher justifies his or her standpoint.
  • Honours, grades, and ranks for each year of studies.
  • A detailed description of your last two years of studies including syllabus, length (in hours) and grade obtained for each module. You may also describe any other higher education.
  • We have no formal criteria on language skills. However, please do include any useful information about language skills in your application (e.g., test results). Notice that MPRI courses are taught in English and/or French, the precise language policy of each course depends on the teacher and is set out on the course website.


Applications are continuously evaluated in the period from December to June.

When to apply:

Keep in mind that there are different types of scholarships available (see below), and they have different deadlines. Thus, if you apply early, your chances of getting a scholarship may be higher. On the other hand, if you wish to include your latest academic results in your application, you may choose to wait and apply later.


Students may apply for a scholarship to support their participation in the M1 Jacques Herbrand at ENS Paris-Saclay. These scholarship applications are handled separately from your application to the programme, but in most cases the actual application is made by the director of the programme after you have been admitted. Thus you might need to provide an additional letter stating that you are also applying for a scholarship and your reasons.

For your information, several scholarship programmes are available from different donors. The evaluation committee will assign you to one of them, depending on circumstances. In order to be considered for some grants, you need to apply informally before the opening of the Paris-Saclay platform, by sending an email with all required application pieces.

For 2018—2019, the following programmes are available. Note that you should not contact those programmes directly unless asked to do so by us. All applications for M1 Jacques Herbrand at ENS Paris-Saclay must follow the course outlined on this page (see above).

See the various sources of financial support at ENS Paris-Saclay.
University Paris-Saclay Master's Scholarship Programme
See the scholarship programme at Université Paris-Saclay.
Scholarships INRIA-MPRI
INRIA finances several scholarships for one year (either M1 or M2). The grant amounts to 1000 euros/month for a duration of stay of up to 12 months. All expenses will be borne by the grant-holder: transport, accommodation, registration fees, library fees, health insurance, etc.
Digicosme scholarships
The Labex Digicosme offers master scholarships for French or foreign students; MPRI students are eligible. Scholarships are for two years and can cover both years of the MPRI. There are multiple deadlines for submission, see Digicosme Master scholarship programme.
Eiffel programme
The Eiffel programme offers two-year master scholarshops for foreign students only. The submission deadline is january 11th: to be considered for this programme, you need to contact us directly, with a complete application, before december 21st.


Please address any questions you may have about this subject to scholarship [at] dptinfo.ens-cachan.fr.

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